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Natxo González

Natxo González

This Basque shredder is one of Europe’s most promising big wave surfers. Natxo González is so good at big wave surfing that he can tame the waves with the power of his mind.

Yes, that's right – according to this guy, taming 6m waves is 80 percent in the head and only 20 percent of it's about the physical demands on the body; impressive stuff indeed.

"80 percent of big wave surfing is in the head"

González's enormous talent and professionalism have earned him deserved recognition among his peers. He spent seven years saving up to buy his first elite surfboard, an endeavour which soon paid dividends when he started winning regional competitions, culminating in a hometown victory at the Punta Galea Challenge in 2012.

Since then the Basque shredder has broadened his horizons – he can take on any type of wave and has travelled the world to prove it. The man known as Natxete has hit up all the popular spots in the likes of Chile, Morocco and Namibia, and his favourite big wave is at Puerto Escondido, in Oaxaca, Mexico. But home is where the heart is for this chameleonic surfer, and he's got a soft spot for the hollow swells of his hometown in Vizcaya.