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Event date: 25th - 27th Jan 2019

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Writers' Weekend - Workshops

Doolin Writers' Workshops 2019

All workshops included in the weekend ticket price of €99
Single Workshops €40


Annemarie Ní Churreáin, Landscape & Origins – An Introduction to Writing Poetry
How is our use of language and creative expression shaped by the place from which we originally come? What is the relationship between landscape and lyrical control? In this relaxed and fun workshop students will be encouraged to draw upon autobiographical experiences of built and wild environments to explore the art and craft of composing poetry. Using the central theme of 'origins' the workshop will create a space in which students can use creative writing to experiment with text, gain confidence in the process of generating ideas and to begin editing poems. Workshop activities will include written exercises, audio/visual presentation and discussion of works by contemporary poets. No previous experience of writing required. All welcome!

Anthony Glavin- Finding Your Voice with the Short Story
This workshop is intended for those interested in writing short stories or who are already underway. General discussion and writing exercises will explore the various “seeds” of short fiction, character development, and the importance of finding your own voice.
Anthony Glavin was editor of “New Irish Writing” in the Irish Press from 1986-88, and a commissioning editor with New Island Books from 1994-2004. Author of two story collections, One for Sorrow and The Draughtsman and The Unicorn, he has also published two critically acclaimed novels, Nighthawk Alley and Colours Other Than Blue.

Sarah Maria Griffin- Young Adult/Speculative Fiction

A workshop and development session about language and concept: How to tell coming of age stories through extended metaphor and speculative imagery. The exercises we perform and texts we exam during this session will look at how incorporating the unreal can give stories of the real more depth, nuance and surprise.


Saturday Morning

Joanna Walsh- Autofiction Masterclass 
Have you ever wanted to write about personal events that don’t easily fit into fiction or autobiography? Joanna Walsh, author of the autofictional works Hotel and Break.up, will introduce you to this exciting and flexible mode of writing, and will workshop some of the varied techniques you can use to tell your own story.

Lisa Harding- Voice, Character, and Dramatic Action
You will explore the essential aspects of finding an authentic voice, creating rich characters and developing plot. You will look at what makes a narrative voice compelling for readers; how voice and dialogue can help to build character, drive the story and produce dramatic tension. This intensive workshop is aimed at those who are seeking to create complex, memorable characters that live fully on the page. All levels welcome.

June Caldwell- Ideas Clinic

Where do we get our ideas from and how can we mine from real life? In this workshop, participants will look at ways to source material from newspapers and online resources to bring ideas to life and tell a story that is relevant, personal and timely. How much of ourselves can we present on the page(and safely)? Who is telling the story and why? This workshop is for writers of fiction at any level interested in politicising the personal to make our fiction as convincing as it can be.



Saturday Afternoon

Nuala O’Connor- Writing the Novel - Seminar
This seminar will provide an introductory guide to novel writing. Participants will receive a handout and we will also have an opportunity to discuss publishers, agents etc. We will look at early decisions in novel writing: the importance of a strong title; point of view, tense and structure. We will explore ways of enriching your novel as opposed to making it flabby. We’ll examine character under the following headings: creating believable characters; motivation; conflict; profiles; naming. We’ll also look at MS layout and how to improve self-editing skills.

Colm Keegan- Working your Words for Stage.

Even the most talented writers can struggle when performing their work. Colm Keegan will show you how to elevate your work from the page to the stage.


Danielle McLaughlin- White Ink – Writing Happiness, and Hope, in Short Fiction.
Does happiness always ‘write white’? In this workshop we will challenge short fiction’s gravitational pull toward the negative, by exploring ways of making happiness, and hope, compelling.

Sunday Morning

Cliff Ginko
A ginko is a walk taken by Japanese Haiku writers specifically to gain inspiration: this workshop is based on that idea. We'll combine meditative interest in our surroundings, mindful walking and writing exercises designed to stimulate imagination, and finish with a sharing of work back in the comfort of Hotel Doolin. The workshop will involve over an hour of walking on uneven and possibly muddy ground on the Cliffs of Moher walking trail, so bring suitable walking boots, a waterproof coat, water, snacks and something to sit on. Oh, and don't forget your imagination.

Ciara Considine- Editing your Work- A Publisher's Perspective

Ciara Considine has worked in Irish publishing for over two decades, formerly as editorial manager at New Island Books, then a publisher at Hodder Headline Ireland, now Hachette Books Ireland. This workshop will provide guidelines on how to edit a work-in-progress, in order to hone and refine your manuscript before submission to publishers.

Sophie Coyle- Finding Your Voice- Songwriting Workshop
Sophie Coyle delivers stories carved in her own lore, conjured by her own unique lyrical dynamism. Her songs are charmed with a rare and seductive magic. These dark enchantments have seen her play support for a host of celebrated artists such as Dick Gaughan, Mundy, John Spillane, Ger Wolfe and Luka Bloom. Her song “Delirium” featured in recent indie-horror film “Spiderhole". She released her critically acclaimed debut album “Blame Me For The Storm” in February 2018. Originally from Galway, she now lives in Dundalk with her husband Jinx Lennon and their two children. Her workshop is aimed at people with a love of words but who may not have attempted song-writing before. She'll discuss the basics of song structure and get you setting down the bones of your own hit number in this workshop. Own instruments are welcome but not essential.